How to Cope With Divorce

Divorce is a challenging process. You should know how to survive a divorce and the conclusion of something you were committed to, but you take the approach to another level when you see yourself as an emotional abuser. They are competitive and will not be fair, and their goal is to succeed and do so at all costs. Because of this controlling and manipulative nature, they don’t have the negotiation process and find it difficult to understand why they disagree or don’t want to agree collectively. And because of their childish personalities, they will stop at nothing to adjust the narrative and make them suffer the slander of their character.

Control Yourself

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Please make sure they are in a place that is not affected by your character’s slander. They have learned they are not as attracted to your games now. Separating yourself emotionally from them means that when you get an email or other correspondence from them, you don’t care at all. In case you get that sinking feeling in your stomach or upper body as soon as you get something from them, you may have some healing to do.

You know how they are most likely to react and what the causes are, and you have decided to find out because that is how you have created the traumatic bonds from which you have been freed. Simply because they know how to induce you, they will react. They will use this process to understand how you will respond, and they will want to trigger these wounds, inform them of how much power and control they have over you, and eventually be used by them to determine precisely how much they can get.

Find Professional Psychologist

If you are aware that you are committing emotional abuse, don’t think about mediation, it is unlikely to do the job. Don’t waste your time and money. It is not worth trying. You may come away wondering how you can continue to repeat the behavior you are teaching with your hurt child and show it to those who are suffering. Leave mediation to healthy people who are divorcing. If you hire a lawyer, remember that they charge by the quarter, so don’t trust them to vent your anger and pain and talk about the joys of it all.

Find someone else to help you deal with your psychological distress, and they are not that expensive, they will be able to help you overcome the wounds the abuser causes, and they are more capable than a lawyer. Just like your lawyer wants you to get, they are invested in you because you pay them to pay for the divorce. When I had a tradition of talking to lawyers, I was told, amusingly enough, that I had a client who could call for coffee and talk about the emotional distress he was in.

Hire a Reliable Lawyer


Make sure you have a lawyer with experience in this type of character, who can recognize the strategies being used and shut down the communication until it takes you down a rabbit hole that can cost you a lot of money. Get a self-care regime that you want to work on yourself that has caused damage that you may not understand yet. Get a perfect pattern setting. There are many different things you can do to improve your life that will help you. If you can, please find someone to do the correspondence for you, a lawyer and divorce counselor, or perhaps a friend.

In case you do not divorce emotionally, you may say or do something that you will regret later. They may try to persuade you not to hire a specialist by telling you that they are expensive and that you do not need the extra cost, that you can settle the matter between yourself and neglect them – they do not want to negotiate to want to control.…