Using a Printable Planner and Calendar for Better Time Management

When you run a business, you might have seen some employees who have been slacking. Some of the common issues would be coming late to the office or miss an appointment. All those troubles are primarily issues revolved around poor time management.

If you agree and are looking for a solution concerning employee’s poor time management, then you come in the right direction. As D Addicts has mentioned, everyone can be as discipline as Monica Geller when they manage their schedule weekly or monthly using a printable calendar or planner. Therefore, this article will guide you to explore more about a simple calendar or paper planner usage as a tactic to improve their time management performance. Who knows, it can make a big difference in someone’s world and create more comfortable office management when they use it!

Obvious Tactic

weekly plannerOne of the many purposes of a printable calendar and planner is to manage everyone’s time. In this case, you can try to print out one from an online website, either monthly or weekly calendars. After that, put the printed calendar on the desks of the employee who always comes late. It also works for your friends who have poor time management. When you put it on their desks, write a short note, perhaps something like “I thought this might help.” If you want to be less harsh, you can also put an emoticon to brighten the note. Hopefully, this obvious tactic will be enough to encourage them to start planning their days, week, or month more. However, if that doesn’t work, you can use a different strategy.

Reminder Tactic

monthly plannerThe second tactic involves the printable wall calendar, mini calendar, or organizer. In this case, you can ask them to write and use them to organize and plan their time. Let them know that they need to carry their planner with them and use it every day at all times. There are some excellent and inexpensive organizers on the market (they’re called business or planning planners) that make an incredible gift for a friend, especially one who desperately needs one!

Motivation Tactics

Third, you can offer them a wall calendar or mini calendar with an “inspirational” design. As you may have guessed, there’s no guarantee that this type of calendar will make people manage their time better eventually. However, it might inspire them as it becomes an extended reality that you’re giving them a calendar to signal that they need to “get it together.” This way, it might burn their spirit that they need to get started. If you wonder where to get the inspirational calendars, try to find them on the internet or offline (local bookstore/calendar store). 

There is one way to solve this issue if they have not changed a bit. In this case, you can invite them to drink a coffee together, sit and talk with them. This way, you could find out what’s behind their obvious time management challenge, and then you could tell them some new ideas they could try. Going to bed earlier or eating healthier comes to mind. Whatever it is, please start with the printable calendar plan in the obvious tactic, since it’s something everyone can do something with anyway.

What You Need To Know About Cash Flow

One of the most important financial concepts is cash flow. Many would like to believe that our economic problems can be solved with the help of increased income. But the reality is that cash flow is just as important as the money that comes in. A higher-income will bring you nothing if you are not aware of how the money flows through your market.

Recognizing the flow of money is essential to managing your finances and achieving long-term financial success. Whether you want to invest on dell laptop coupons or understand how to build a profitable business, cash flow management is essential.

What It Is


Cash flow is the way money flows through your market. It is a way to see how things move quickly and easily in terms of taxes. If you look at cash flow, you look at income and expense. Look carefully at how much money you receive and where that money is spent again. Your goal should be to get a positive cash flow. In this way, you are aware that you reside in your way and have additional money at your disposal. If you have an unfavorable cash flow for weeks, you are in debt and cannot pay your bills. Your ultimate goal is to achieve positive cash flow, so you know you have the means to achieve your goals.

Time and Money

CASH TIMEAn important aspect of money flow is time. It is when you receive the money concerning the time in which the money runs out. And this can sometimes be as critical as the amount of money you receive each month at the end of the month. For instance, what happens if you get to 12 and the mortgage payment is 100% premature? It will not allow you to have a super great feeling if your entire month is also lost when your lender pays back the mortgage payment due to a lack of funds. If it is returned, but too often, you will receive a commission. Both your mortgage company and your borrower may charge you fees. If your bills do not match your income, you are more likely to stop paying or encounter other difficulties. Time is an important thing, and you must keep up with the times if you want to protect yourself from the problems that arise when things fail.

Planning Ahead

If you want to be sure that the money flow is working properly, you need to plan. Look ahead to your bills, along with other obligations. Do you have debts to pay? What about niches? Can you budget for these types of expenses? Don’t overlook regular payments that may occur at longer intervals. The car insurance premium can only be paid every six months. Maybe your child plays tennis for college. You are aware that you will have expenses related to this activity every spring, even if you do not plan to do it every month. Save a little regularly to prepare for this kind of expense, and your cash flow does not weaken.

If you plan your money while it is your personal or corporate lifestyle, it is a wonderful idea to focus on cash flow. Look ahead to what might come up and prepare for it. In the long run, you will be in better shape. It is a great idea to get back up approaches that take care of your cash flow.…