Stamped Concrete Buying Guide

Using stamped concrete is among the ways of making a surface look beautiful and great. It also increases the value of a property due to the added aesthetic value among. It has been used in various places like the driveways, pool patio and atop counter surfaces among other places. With the increased use of this type of concrete, one can find it difficult when buying it and needs the help of a guide to make the buying process easy. This is the stamped concrete buying guide.

The area of the surface

balcony with sceneryFor instance if you’re doing a stamped concrete patio nh, one of the first things to consider is the size of the area where the stamped concrete will be placed. It requires one to take measurements of the room, countertop or their garden where the stamped concrete will be installed. This will determine how many slabs of what size will be used. The size will be a major determinant of all the other factors like cost, pattern, and maintenance.

The pattern or design

It is said that the only limitation of the design of stamped concrete is one’s imagination. One should have a pattern in mind of what they want the stamped concrete to bring out best. They can do their research online and see what creative patterns have been made with it. For a more customized look, one can have their pattern which may be inspired by nature, or they can as well combine several patterns to come up with one.


Now that stamped concrete can have many colors; one should first consider the color which they want. The kind of room where the stamped concrete will be installed will be helpful in determining which colors will fit a particular room or place. For instance, the bedroom colors will not do well in the living room and vice versa.


When one is settling for a pattern or color, they should consider the maintenance involved. One should be careful when choosing a color because a color that may look dull after a short time translates to higher maintenance costs. This is because the surface will need sealing after a short period. Cleaning the surface is also part of maintenance. One should consider if special attention were given when cleaning roof

The budget

Every project should have a budget so that one can monitor the costs to know to what extent they can bear it. The budget will be a guiding tool to determine the kind of pattern since the more complicated a pattern is, the higher the cost, the area will also determine how much cost you will incur when buying the stamped concrete slabs. Maintenance should also be put into consideration since it also translates to being a cost even if it will be done after some years. One should ensure they work within their budget so as not to overstretch their resources in one project.

With these factors to consider then it should be easy to make your outdoors or indoors look great with stamped concrete.